Bay Area Hits 10K DVR Mark For Comcast


San Francisco— One month after Comcast Corp. began marketing digital video recorders to customers in the San Francisco Bay area, the company said on Dec. 11 that it had passed 10,000 DVR subscribers in the market.

Strong demand for the DVRs and complaints that Comcast was taking too long to install the set-tops in subscriber homes prompted TiVo Inc. and EchoStar Communications Corp. to target Comcast customers in the Bay area with advertising campaigns last month.

TiVo gave away 2,000 new TiVo receivers to anyone who showed up at its headquarters with a copy of their Comcast bill and a toy in December, the latter of which TiVo planned to donate to charity.

EchoStar took out full-page newspaper ads in the San Francisco area, touting its own DVR service.

While some MSOs such as Time Warner Cable have allowed subscribers to install DVRs themselves, Comcast’s Bay area system has sent field technicians to install each of the devices, which resulted in a backlog.

Comcast spokesman Andrew Johnson said in December that the system was installing 500 DVRs a day.

“We’ve been thrilled by the remarkable demand for Comcast’s DVR in its first month,” Comcast regional vice president of marketing and sales Rick Lang said in a statement last week.