BBC America to Let 'Robin Hood' Fly In HD

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BBC America hit series Robin Hood will join the BBC America HD schedule when the new channel launches this fall, a trade ad said Monday. 

The network did not offer any specifics on when or where BBC America HD would launch this fall. Previously, the British Broadcasting Corp. outlet had said the HD version would launch sometime this year.

The ad also referred to a high-definition "sneak peek" of Robin Hood's first season on DirecTV’s Channel 101 and Time Warner Cable’s HD Showcase on Demand before season 2 launched (in standard definition) on BBC America in April.

The second season of the costume action-adventure drama is in the middle of a 13-episode run Saturday nights on BBCA.

The HD version of BBCA’s biggest hit series, Torchwood, is shown in the U.S. now on Mark Cuban’s HDNet. Only two seasons of that sci-fi series have been produced, to date, and HD versions of both ran on HDNet. 

Update: TV Guide magazine reports that the BBC has greenlit five hours of a third season of the show, a more adult-themed spinoff of Doctor Who, and that those shows, described as a five-part miniseries, would air during a single week in spring 2009 on BBC1 in the United Kingdom. No word on whether they would air on BBC America, the magazine said.