BBC America Says HD Launches Will Be Announced Soon


No launches yet for BBC America's new high-definition channel but the network said distribution deals will be coming soon.

BBC America HD launched Monday (July 20) at 6 a.m. but can't be seen yet on any cable or satellite-TV service, the network said.

The channel scheduled a slew of popular sci-fi shows for the first week, including new Torchwood episodes Monday-Friday, that had many viewers talking about the channel on Twitter on Monday.

"We've got great reaction from viewers on our HD service," channel publicity VP Amy Mulcair said Tuesday. "Everyone's very keen to see it and we're very keen for them to see it. And we're glad to say there are a number of deals that will be announced imminently."

Citing complications involving the availability of HD shows such as Torchwood: Children of Earth, which only just aired on the BBC in the United Kingdom with big ratings, the network did not announce the HD launch date until June 1. As a result, it has taken a while for BBC America to line up launches. The standard-definition version of the channel, featuring shows such as Top Gear (pictured), has about 64 million subscribers. (This story was corrected on July 22.)