BBCA Plans a Royal Day


Drafting on Prince William's engagement to Kate Middleton, BBC America said it will host a regal day of programming on Saturday, Dec. 11 about the British monarchy.

BBC America Reveals specials about the U.K.'s first family will lead up to the channel's premiere of The Queen, starring Dame Helen Mirren and Michael Sheen.

The documentary, Art of Diana, celebrates the life and work of Princess Diana via many and varied pictures of her. It at 1 p.m. ET/PT.

All The Queen's Horses (2 p.m.) provides exclusive access to the Royal Windsor Horse Show, which takes place every year in the Queen's back garden.

Memories of a Queen (3 p.m.) follows the life of Elizabeth II as a princess, wife and monarch. From the splendor of her coronation to seeing her Windsor home go up in flames, the queen, now in her 80s, seems indestructible. The documentary includes footage from Her Majesty's Jubilee and 80th birthday meeting with Barack Obama, as well as extensive segments on Prince Charles, Camilla, and Princes William and Harry.

William and Harry: The Brother Princes (4 p.m.) is a 30-minute documentary in which the second and third heirs to the throne give a rare TV interview. Filmed during the Princes' recent visit to Southern Africa, they talk to journalist Julie Etchingham about their charity work in Southern Africa and their bond as brothers.

The day concludes with the channel's premiere (8 p.m.) of The Queen. Dame Helen Mirren gives an Oscar-winning performance as H.M. The Queen Elizabeth II as she copes with her country's reaction to Princess Diana's death in 1997. Michael Sheen shines as Tony Blair in this Stephen Frears-directed film from 2006.