Beach Data War for Verizon, Time Warner


High-speed-data users in Huntington Beach, Calif., will now have a choice of providers for 5-megabit-per-second Internet access: Verizon Communications or Time Warner Cable.

Time Warner has notified its customers there that it is speeding up its connection, formerly operated at 4 mbps, without raising the price. The service is available for $44.95 per month a la carte or $39.95 when bundled with digital cable.

Deane Leavenworth, Time Warner's Los Angeles division spokesman, said the increased speed is not in response to the fiber-to-the-home build-out by the telephone company.

Verizon is selling a 5-mbps service in limited areas of Huntington Beach for about $40 per month. It has not launched video service.

Huntington Beach is a test bed for the division, utilized well before Verizon, Leavenworth said, noting that the division launched digital-product repricing there in the past. The city is a moderate size and representative of other communities in the cluster, he added.