Beales to FCC: Just the Fax


Cable & Telecommunications Association for Marketing president Char
Beales said last week that she filed a statement with the Federal Communications
Commission regarding its upcoming regulation of faxing by organizations.

"We object to the removal of the ‘established-business-relationship’
qualification for faxes," she told the FCC. "Further, it is an undue burden to
require associations to obtain written consent from members to send faxes for
conferences and other services to our members."

She told Multichannel News Day the do-not-fax rule is "silly and more

Asked when the FCC might respond to her filing, she said, "I have no idea."
But the rule takes effect Aug. 25, she added.

Cable operators were recently given an established-business-relationship
exemption to the "do-not-call" telemarketing rule, whereby they can phone
subscribers in an 18-month span unless the consumers ask them to