Bell Atlantic Cuts ADSL Fees

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Reston, Va. -- In an effort to keep up with offerings from
cable-modem services, Bell Atlantic Corp. said it will drop Internet-access prices for two
of its more popular asymmetrical-digital-subscriber-line services by $10 per month.

Beginning last Thursday, Bell, the telephone
company's Internet-service provider, will lower its charges for its "Personal
Infospeed" and "Professional Infospeed" ADSL offerings, bringing the total
cost of those services to $49.95 and $99.95 per month, respectively.

Personal Infospeed, which is priced at $39.95 per month
without Internet access, provides download speeds of 640 kilobits per second. Professional
Infospeed provides download rates of 1.6 megabits per second.

Previously, Bell had charged $20 and $50 per
month, respectively, for Internet access for both services.

Because Bell Atlantic's ADSL offering is part of its
regulated business, it could not lower the price of that service without having to file a
new federal tariff. However, because the Internet-access business is unregulated, the
company can change those prices at will.

Cable-modem competitors like @Home Network and Road Runner
provide high-speed Internet service, including ISP access, for between $40 and $45 per

Infospeed is available in parts of Washington, D.C.;
Pittsburgh; Philadelphia; and northern New Jersey.

Bell Atlantic plans to expand to Boston and New York in the
spring, and to make the service available to 8 million homes within its service territory
by the end of 1999.