BellSouth Adds 121K DSL Subs


Digital subscriber line was one of the lone bright spots in the third-quarter
earnings call from BellSouth Corp., as the telco added 121,000 subscribers, a
more than 50 percent jump over last year's 82,000 additions and second-quarter
2002's 74,000.

Chief financial officer Ron Dykes said the company is taking 40 percent to 50
percent broadband market share in DSL markets.

But overall revenue in the communications group dropped 3.7 percent to $4.62
billion, driven by lower telecommunications spending and increased

Dykes said access lines dropped 2.7 percent to 24.9 million. Adjusted for
one-time items, the telco's overall profit dropped from $1.12 billion to $970

Dykes the company will continue to cut staff and exit some businesses, such
as Web hosting. 'We will work with other providers,' he added. 'We won't own the

Long distance and DSL remained the bright spots. 'DSL showed continued
resilience in some segments of the consumer market,' Dykes said. 'We will
continue investing in DSL and data.'