BellSouth Taps Alcatel for WiMAX Trial


BellSouth is taking to the air with a new WiMAX broadband-wireless lab trial using equipment supplied by Alcatel.

BellSouth will use Alcatel’s “Evolium” WiMAX products as part of a lab trial set to begin next quarter.

The regional Bell operating company was the first major telecommunications operator to commercially launch wireless broadband using a pre-WiMAX technology, and the trial will evaluate the Alcatel products based on the 802.16e standard, which allows roaming connections similar to that of a cellular-phone service, using licensed 2.3-gigahertz spectrum.

"This trial with BellSouth is a significant indication that our customers agree: Universal WiMAX is ready for the market, and the market is ready for universal WiMAX,” said Hubert de Pesquidoux, executive vice president and president of Alcatel's North American division.