Bellville Takes Reins of Streaming Provider


Former Cox Communications Inc. executive vice president of operations Maggie
Bellville has resurfaced at Incanta Inc., an Atlanta-based streaming provider
founded in 1999 by two former Nortel executives.

Incanta has spent the last two years developing a streaming engine
technology, Perimeter Net, that cable operators and DSL providers could house in
their headends to provide streaming content to high-speed access users. For
example, it has a 78,000-song library of licensed music delivered at 128
kilobits per second over its network.

'There is a lot of technology and a multitude of ideas in the market today,'
Bellville said. 'But I was impassioned by Incanta's solution-based model, which
offers carriers a true platform for profitability.'

She said Incanta plans to provide streaming hardware and software as well as
content facilitation services. 'Cable operators can use this to get more content
from providers.' Incanta has been in trials with Knology Holdings, the
Southeastern overbuilder than counts about 106,000 video and more than 19,000
cable-modem subscribers.

Bellville resigned from Cox in January, saying she was 'ready to explore new