BendBroadband Tracks Voice Traffic


BendBroadband is deploying software to track where telephone calls wind up, after originating on its cable network in Bend, Ore.

Tracking where calls go helps Bend determine whether invoices it receives from cellular or wireline service providers are correct, said John Vanderpool, vice president of business development at Primal Solutions, Irvine, Calif., which is supplying the software. The software can help save a cable operator hundreds of thousands of dollars in what could be disputed charges, he said.

Like other cable operators that have launched voice-over-Internet protocol service, Bend deals with dozens of interconnection rate plans when it hands off calls to phone companies.

The software allows Bend to audit which calls went to, say, the Cingular Wireless LLC or Sprint Nextel Corp. wireless networks, or the Verizon Communications or BellSouth Corp. landline networks. At the end of the month, when Cingular or Verizon sends Bend an interconnection bill, Bend can use the Primal Solutions software to determine if those charges are correct.

Primal Solutions tracks each phone call made by a Bend telephony customer. That information is stored on servers inside Bend’s network, and is available to customer service representatives and business managers.

Subscribers can also use Bend’s Web site to access a log of their phone calls. This “enables our clients to view their voice transactions online and verify their charges instantaneously,” BendBroadband vice president of voice and commercial services Paul Azar said.

To get accurate information, Primal Solutions had to integrate its software with Bend’s telephone equipment.