BendBroadband Unleashes New Logo, Branding


BendBroadband wants its customers to know that it's gone to the dogs.
The operator serving cable customers in central Oregon has unleashed a new logo and branding that emphasizes its localism, loyally wagging the dog, so to speak..

"Brands are built on promises made and kept. Being local will not guarantee that customers will choose or stay with BendBroadband. But by delivering reliable products, being responsive to customers' needs and providing efficient, trustworthy service, the fact that we are local and give back to our communities makes the difference for many customers," said BendBroadband CEO and president Amy Tykeson in announcing the company's new thrust. "That's why our new tagline is, ‘We're the local dog. We better be good.' We are making a promise to our customers to work harder to ensure their happiness with BendBroadband. This commitment has been embraced by our 200 local, Central Oregon employees"

Bend Broadband logo

The company's new logo features a distinctive silhouette of a running dog designed by the Sisters-based branding firm, Brand Navigation.

Why a dog?
"In surveying our customers, we found that the most significant contributors to customer satisfaction are reliable service, being responsive to their needs and customers want to talk with someone they can trust who will solve their problem," said Tykeson. "Being likable doesn't hurt either. There is probably no symbol that better encapsulates the qualities we embrace than a loyal dog."
The new logo and tagline are now a central component of the company's advertising and communications strategy.
"When we compared ourselves to all of the competitors in the Internet, telephone and TV space, we found an important opportunity to differentiate ourselves." Tykeson explained. "Our new logo symbolizes who we are as a company. We are nationally recognized as a technology leader in the cable sector, yet we are local-right here in central Oregon-- with great employees who care about our customers and are involved in our communities.
"Our brand is everything the world sees and hear from and about us," she continued.. "At its essence, our brand and business are about establishing meaningful relationships with our customers-earning and keeping their trust with all that we offer and everything that we do. The brand is how our phones are answered, how we present ourselves and of course how our products perform. "