BET Blows Out Obama Coverage


BET Networks will re-air Obama’s Journey To The White House: Top Ten Moments, the network’s news special chronicling Sen. Barack Obama’s race for the Democratic presidential nomination, Wednesday at 7:30 p.m. ET as part of the network’s extensive on-air and online election coverage.

In addition, BET News is and will continue to cover reactions to Obama’s apparent nomination with news briefs throughout the day, culminating with the news special.

Network officials added that it will provide extensive coverage of what it calls a “landmark development in the 2008 presidential election” with various on-air and online features including:

-- You(th) Vote!, the network’s multiplatform initiative “for Black youth to discuss, debate and actively participate in this momentous race to the White House,” will serve up an online post Wednesday outlining the next steps for the election and “look at which candidate will be more viable in the eyes of young America.”

--On air, there will be a You(th) Vote!­-branded blast noting Obama’s monumental nomination, giving young citizens an opportunity to sound-off on their thoughts. In addition, online viewers can visit the You(th) Vote! blog to read entries from four college students giving their unique view of the presidential campaign and how the national issues being debated are impacting pop culture, their lives and life on college campuses in their community.

-- “Pamela on Politics,” a blog by Pamela Gentry, senior political producer, BET News, will provide daily, up-to-the-minute coverage of the presidential campaign.

The network also will feature a weekly online poll surveying users on hot button issues of the day as well as an interactive Barack Obama timeline. It will also present a section devoted to comparing Obama to presumptive Republican presidential nominee Sen. John McCain on issues ranging from health care and affirmative action to foreign policy and trade.

BET’s DECISION ’08 site will also serve up a “running mate photo gallery,” featuring potential GOP and Democratic Party vice presidential candidates with images, bios and interactive polls for viewers to rate each potential running mate.

A section of the Web site will include all BET News video from the campaign trail and other related political coverage for visitors to watch online.