Beta: DBS Subs Value Kids’ Nets

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Kids’ networks may not be as expensive as the license fees distributors pay for services such as ESPN, but satellite customers find the most perceived value in networks such as Nicktoons and Noggin, according to Beta Research Corp.

Cartoon Network was the top-ranked major network (70 million or more subscribers) in terms of perceived value, with survey respondents saying that it has a perceived value of $2.11 per month. Cartoon was followed by ESPN ($2), Disney Channel ($1.93), ESPN2 ($1.90), Home & Garden Television ($1.84), Comedy Central ($1.77) and The History Channel ($1.77).

Noggin/The N led the midsized networks (40 million-50 million subscribers), with respondents saying that its perceived value is $2.36. It was followed by MTV2 ($2.06), Speed Channel ($2.03), Toon Disney ($1.92), Lifetime Movie Network ($1.86) and SOAPnet ($1.65).

Nicktoons was the top-ranked emerging network (fewer than 40 million subscribers), with respondents saying that it has a perceived value of $1.99. It was followed by Music Choice’s audio channels ($1.77), Fuse ($1.58), History Channel International ($1.52), Discovery Kids ($1.48) and Military Channel ($1.42).

When asked which networks are important to the enjoyment of satellite TV, Beta said Fox Movie Channel (33%) was the top-ranked emerging network, National Geographic Channel (39%) was the top-ranked midsized network and Discovery Channel (59%) was the top-ranked major network.

Also performing well in the emerging-network category were The Biography Channel (32%), Music Choice (32%), Do It Yourself (23%), The Science Channel (23%) and Military (17%).

Beta said it based its survey on 708 telephone interviews with DirecTV Inc. and EchoStar Communications Corp. Dish Network customers in March -- 600 adults and 108 teens.