Beta Studies Satellite Subs


When it comes to their enjoyment of satellite television, DirecTV Inc. and EchoStar Communications Corp. subscribers rated Discovery Channel, National Geographic Channel and Fox Movie Channel the most highly in their respective network categories, according to the latest findings from Beta Research Corp.

In the “2006 Beta Satellite Dish Subscriber Study,” Discovery was the top-ranked major network, with 67% of respondents indicating that the service was important to their enjoyment of satellite service. The History Channel (59%); ESPN (54%); TNT (52%); and The Weather Channel and USA Network (both with 49%) were next among major networks.

NGC (50%) was first among midsized networks, according to the study, finishing ahead of Lifetime Movie Network (39%), Discovery Health (30%), Superstation WGN (27%) and Toon Disney (20%).

Among smaller, emerging networks, survey respondents gave the highest enjoyment mark to Fox Movie (40%); The Biography Channel (37%); DIY and The Science Channel (both with 27%); and NFL Network (24%).

The survey results were based on 700 telephone interviews conducted with DirecTV and Dish subscribers in March.

As for the average value measurement among viewers of the network, ESPN and ESPN2 topped the list among Beta’s major networks, while Noggin/The N and Fuse, and NFL Network and PBS Kids Sprout, set the paces among the midsized and emerging-network categories, respectively.

Executives at PBS Kids Sprout pointed out that in addition to holding a perceived monthly value of $1.95 per month, 77% of respondents were very satisfied with the preschool network, which had the highest satisfaction ratings among all children’s networks.

Additionally, almost three in four survey respondents with children in the home indicated that they were aware of Sprout, which bowed as a linear service last September.