Beta Survey: Discovery Channel is Favorite Network


The Discovery Channel is cable subscribers’ favorite channel, but the channel with the highest perceived value by consumers is ESPN2, according to a Beta Research study released Dec. 4.

The Discovery ranking was based on the percentage of consumers who, unaided, named the channel when asked their five favorite basic channels in the research firm’s fall subscriber evaluation survey. 33% named Discovery, with ESPN second (30%); History Channel (24%), Food Network (18%) and Fox News Channel (17%) rounding out the top 5.

In the news channels wars, CNN came in eighth on this list, with 15% of the mentions.

Consumers placed a value of $2.46 on ESPN2, topping its sibling ESPN, which was second with a perceived value of $2.40. Also in the top five: ESPN Classic at $2.26; Nickelodeon at $2.20 and Cartoon Network at $2.11.

ESPN2 also had the top consumer satisfaction rate: 76% said they were satisfied with the network. Also in the top five, in order, are The History Channel, Discovery Channel, ESPN and the Weather Channel.

The study is based 700 interviews of cable subscribers, representing a national sample. The telephone interviews were conducted from July 2 to Sept. 5