BIAP Picks Itaas For Expanded EBIF Support


Interactive TV firms Itaas and BIAP have reached an agreement under which Itaas will support BIAP's Enhanced Binary Interchange Format platform and its associated development tools to Itaas's istart developer program.

The program, based on the currently deployed BIAP EBIF platform, will allow for the deployment of interactive and enhanced television applications on Cisco Systems digital set-top boxes.

"Leveraging Itaas' application development and support expertise along with BIAP's EBIF technology and commitment to open standards, we hope to foster a vibrant developer community and accelerate the development and deployment of new, compelling and revenue-generating EBIF applications," BIAP chief technology officer Aaron Ye said in a statement.

BIAP claims to be the first company to deploy EBIF across an entire market on Cisco set-top boxes. The company recently landed a licensing deal for its EBIF user agent with Time Warner Cable.

With the addition of BIAP's EBIF platform, the istart Developer Program offers a total of seven programs including software development kits and support for Time Warner Cable's interactive platforms, Cisco's SARA/PowerTV and OCAP Axiom, and the TVWorks' ETV platform.