Big Four Affiliates Challenge Parts of Incentive Auction

Have Many Bones to Pick with FCC Framework
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It turns out that while the National Association of Broadcasters and Sinclair went straight to court to challenge the FCC's may broadcast incentive auction framework, noncommercial broadcasters and the Expanding Opportunities for Broadcaster Coalition (EOBC) had plenty of company in their efforts to get the FCC to reconsider portions of the order, including most commercial TV stations.

According to a copy of the filing, the respective Big Four network affiliate associations all asked the FCC to revise the auction framework before it holds the auction — now sometime in early 2016 — saying that, if left uncorrected, it would hurt stations and the public.

According to a copy of the petitio — -responses to which are due next week — the ABC, CBS, Fox and NBC affiliate associations have bones to pick with the repacking and reimbursement parts of the order. Most are things they had asked for but were not in the order when it was released in May. The petition described them as "limited" asks, but they were big ones.

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