BigBand Sharpens Last Mile


BigBand Networks claimed its first universal edge quadrature amplitude modulation platform, the BEQ 6000 Universal Edge QAM, provides unmatched radio-frequency signal performance compared with other QAMs on the market.

The BigBand universal edge QAM, which allows video, voice or data applications to run over any channel, provides a modulation error ratio (MER) of 39 decibels compared with 35 dB for typical QAMs, according to the company.

BigBand optimized the MER because it found “the overwhelming number of issues” in video-on-demand and Data Over Cable Service Interface Specification deployments came from signal-quality issues in the last mile, said company manager of cable edge product marketing Keith Rothschild.

The BEQ 6000 also supports internal multicast replication — which allows multiple service groups to be fed the same streams, an important feature for switched digital video — and can support legacy cable modems and channel-bonded modems.

Cable operators using the system include Cox Communications’ Northern Virginia division, which is deploying the BEQ 6000 as part of that system’s switched digital video rollout. BigBand said it began field trials of the universal edge QAM platform in late 2006, and began deployments this year.