Bill Shine Named to Trump Press Team

Former Fox News Channel exec becomes deputy communications chief
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Donald Trump has made it official. Former Fox News Channel and Fox Business Network co-president Bill Shine has been named assistant to the President and deputy chief of communications.

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Trump has made no secret of his affection for Fox News, particularly compared with the outlets he feels are attacking him in league with his Democratic opponents, which have included The New York Times, Washington Post and, particularly, CNN.

Shine exited Fox News Channel in May 2017 after he was named in sexual harassment lawsuits related to late Fox News founder Roger Ailes.

His name has been floated for a White House communications post ever since.

Report: Bill Shine Considered for White House Post

"From the beginning of his career, Shine has been adept at getting his foot in the door," the late Multichannel News reporter John Higgins once wrote of Shine. 

"Raised on Long Island, N.Y., the son of a New York City police officer, Shine embarked on a job hunt after graduating from college in 1985, armed only with a communications degree from SUNY Oswego," Higgins wrote. "Rejected from a low-level job at WLIG(TV), the only commercial station on Long Island, he wondered, 'What if I start working for free?' That philosophy landed him a job as a production assistant on the independent station’s magazine show and, eventually, a salary. Within a year, Shine was directing WLIG’s 10 p.m. newscast." 

By 1995, cable TV came calling -- first, New York-based startup network Newstalk and, eventually, Fox.

As executive producer of prime time for Fox News, Shine has had a long relationship with Sean Hannity, who he helped make the transition from talk radio to TV. Hannity is another Trump favorite.

“While certainly disturbing, Fox News’ Bill Shine is an unsurprising pick for the Trump White House," said Karin Roland, chief campaigns officer for women's advocacy group UltraViolet, of his new appointment. "Since taking office, the Trump administration has been a revolving door of abusers of women and their enablers—and Shine is just the latest perpetrator to be added to those ranks.”

According to a media source close to the President, Shine will be focused on the media companies with which the President has issues. The source suggests critics of the President will "pay a price," but that the President will ,too. "It will be bad for the President and will further antagonize the media," he says.