Blackburn Blasts Network Neutrality Condition in Comcast/NBCU


Rep. Marsha Blackburn (R-Tenn.), who earlier Tuesday lit into the Federal Communications Commission over its new network neutrality rules (which she has pledged to block legislatively), was not happy with the network neutrality conditions that are part of the FCC's approval of Comcast/NBCU.

She signaled that unhappiness in an e-mailed comment to Multichannel News. "Once again, it appears that this FCC is holding an employers ability to plan, grow and prosper hostage to their political desires."

Comcast has agreed to abide by a network neutrality "commitment" in the deal, that is not an official condition but is enforceable nonetheless, according to FCC sources.

Blackburn called it "a good reminder what two years without appropriate oversight can do to a bureaucracy. Blackburn is a member of the Energy & Commerce Committee and one of a number of Republicans on that committee, including its leadership, who have pledged vigorous oversight over the FCC, with particular attention to