Blair Levin to Leave FCC Post


Washington — The Federal Communications Commission's broadband plan adviser,
Blair Levin, will exit the commission May 7 to join the Aspen Institute as a
Communications & Society Fellow, according to the chairman's office.

Levin shepherded the plan through its unveiling last month,
but had always said it was a short-term posting.

Blair Levin

"Blair has been masterful in providing wisdom to the
Commission about how technology and market trends interact with the nation's
public policy agenda," said FCC chairman Julius Genachowski. "His leadership in
raising the quality of work and thought throughout the Commission is beyond
measure and I am sure he will continue to make similar contributions for the
country while he is at the Aspen Institute."

The plan has been praised as a good start on a broadband
deployment and adoption roadmap, and criticized as being more about vision than
tactics and not having enough incentives for private investment.

Levin has said that the plan is not an end point, but
more of a beginning, and that it will be something of a living document rather
than a final product.