Blonder Tongue Expands Blocking Technology


Blonder Tongue Laboratories Inc. Friday introduced technology to give parents even more control over what their children are watching.

The company debuted its “Parental Controlled TV Channel Blocker (TVCB-PC),” which extends its channel-blocking technology to TVs that are not connected to set-tops, as well as to older models that do not contain V-chips.

Blonder Tongue said the TVCB-PC features push-button controls to allow parents to change analog channels they want to block for the entire house, with no interface with the billing system required, no management system and no transmitter.

The vendor added that the unit is installed off the tap port and can be wall-mounted outside, in a garage, or a utility area. The TVCB-PC can be house-powered via a power pack.

“Since control resides completely within the unit, installation may be performed by any cable contractor, or even the consumer themselves,” Blonder Tongue CEO James Luksch said in a prepared statement.