Bluestreak Talks Up ITV Potential


Bluestreak Network has rebranded its set-top presentation application engine as MachBlue, pitching cable operators as well as content creators on a rich graphic interface that can enliven enhanced-TV and interactive-TV applications.

Canadian MSO Vidéotron has launched the software and Time Warner Cable recently added it to several systems.

Bluestreak chairman and CEO John Reed believes cable companies will show increasing interest in ITV applications as direct-broadcast satellite providers add interactivity and as telephone companies get into the multichannel-video business.


“The market has finally figured out where it’s going,” Reed said. “And we offer an enhanced user and operator experience as a presentation layer. Programmers and operators want to leverage better graphic tools.”

MachBlue is a presentation engine that runs on top of middleware (in Vidéotron’s case, from PowerTV; for Time Warner, an in-house product), creating a strong user interface based on its FlashMX software, Reed said.

Vidéotron has launched 40 interactive applications, including dating, games, classifieds and other services all running on MachBlue. That interactive platform “is a core component of digital for Vidéotron,” Reed said.

“MachBlue has stabilized the interactive components in the set-top,” he said. “There is no fighting for memory,” he said, which could cause service disruptions.

Other operators are open to testing, Reed said, adding: “We expect new deployments.”

Bluestreak also has a deal with OpenTV Inc., which will offer MachBlue as an extension product.

Reed said Bluestreak has developed a version of MachBlue for the Motorola Inc. platform, but hasn’t deployed it yet.


MachBlue also has a product suite for studio production and mobile applications. The idea is to allow content providers to create across several platforms. “With MachBlue, developers can publish in the same language they created in it.”

The company has 30 contracts with content providers, including game providers like VisiWare, for MachBlue.