BMW Mini-Films to Hit Starz! Cinema


Three action-oriented mini-movies from BMW of North America LLC -- continuing
the series, entitled The Hire, that began last year on BMW's Web site ( -- are now headed for
television on Starz Encore Group LLC's Starz! Cinema channel.

The first will be Hostage, directed by John (Mission: Impossible
) Woo and due on Starz! Cinema Thursday, Nov. 7, followed by
Ticker, directed by Joe (Blood, Guts, Bullets and Octane)
Carnahan, due Nov. 21, and finally by Beat the Devil, directed by Tony
(Spy Game) Scott, due Nov. 28.

Woo's mini-film bowed on the Web site late last month, with Carnahan's due
Nov. 7 and Scott's Nov. 21.

All three will air at 9:45 p.m., and each film short will be followed by
behind-the-scenes footage and on-set interviews with the directors and actors.
After their debuts, each will be repeated throughout the month.

With awareness of the shorts on BMW's digital video-streaming site (, bolstered by the
automaker's heavy TV advertising, the five featurettes in The Hire series
last year registered about 14 million film views.

The first five short films last year were directed by John Frankenheimer, Ang
Lee, Guy Ritchie and others.