Boomerang Targets Food Shoppers


Turner Broadcasting System Inc.'s Boomerang announced Tuesday that it's
allying with Sunkist Growers Inc. and others on an in-store "The Wacky Days of
Summer" promotion -- exclusively in Albertson's Inc. supermarkets -- the twin
objectives of which will be to encourage youngsters to snack on nutritious
fruits and to get adult shoppers to ask their cable operator to carry Cartoon
Network's fledgling sister service.

The promotion will run Aug. 1-Sept. 30 in more than 1,200 Albertson's stores,
using point-of-sale displays, fruit-bin wraps, bag stuffers and a six-page free
fruit-recipe/activity booklet, Cartoon senior vice president of promotions
marketing Phyllis Ehrlich said.

Besides Sunkist, Boomerang's promotion will involve Del Monte Foods Co.'s
fresh produce and the National Watermelon Promotion Board, she said. The
materials will feature such classic animation characters as Yogi Bear,
Huckleberry Hound, Magilla Gorilla and Quick Draw McGraw.

In addition, there will be live tie-in events on weekends at select
Albertson's stores.