Booze Ads Swell on Cable


Georgetown University researchers cited growth in liquor advertising on cable TV for an increase in youth exposure to alcohol advertising.

Spending on booze ads on TV jumped 32% from 2001-05, and the number of ads increased by 34% during the period, according to the study from the school’s Center on Alcohol Marketing and Youth. Annual ad spending grew from $780 million in 2001 to just over $1 billion from 2001-05, the report said.

Georgetown said youth exposure to alcohol ads has increased, with youths 12-20 seeing an average of 309 booze ads in 2005, up from 217 in 2001.

Spending on ads from distilled-spirits companies in 2005 was more than 23 times the 2001 level, it added.

The study cited Viacom’s Comedy Central, VH1 and BET as three networks where “youth were consistently overexposed to alcohol advertising every year from 2001-05,” with youth more likely to see alcohol ads on those three networks than adults 21-34.

“More spending on television, especially on cable, translates into kids seeing more and more alcohol ads,” CAMY executive director David Jernigan said in a prepared statement.