Boucher Aide Mikes Joining Adelstein


Johanna Mikes, a telecommunications- and media-policy adviser to Rep. Rick
Boucher (D-Va.), has been hired by Democratic Federal Communications Commission
member Jonathan Adelstein as his media adviser.

Mikes, who left the FCC to join Boucher's staff, is replacing Sarah
Whitesell, who was on temporary leave from the FCC's Media Bureau.

Boucher serves on both the Judiciary Committee and the Energy and Commerce

"I'm delighted that Johanna Mikes will be joining my staff. Her enthusiasm,
intellect and experience will prove invaluable in the media-policy challenges to
come," Adelstein said in a prepared statement.

Whitesell -- who substantially drafted the FCC's March 2002 order that
declared cable-modem service an information service -- is to return to the Media

"Sarah Whitesell has been an invaluable asset to me since I joined the [FCC].
Although I understand why she has chosen to return to the Media Bureau, I am
grateful for her counsel and insights in this incredibly important policy area,"
Adelstein said.