Bravo’s Blow Out OPEN to Sponsor


Bravo unscripted drama series Blow Out won’t leave home without it.

The network and American Express Co. said Monday that OPEN: The Small Business Network from American Express will be a primary sponsor of Blow Out, which debuts Tuesday at 9 p.m. (EST/PST).

Blow Out offers a behind-the-scenes look at famed stylist Jonathan Antin as he expands his business from one salon in West Hollywood, Calif., by opening and operating a second one in Beverly Hills.

OPEN is launching an integrated marketing campaign that includes print, television and radio advertising featuring Antin.

“By using multiple channels to highlight how the OPEN Network helps Jonathan Antin to run his business, our campaign will bring to life the ways in which small business owners are behind big things and how the OPEN Network stands behind them by providing products and tools that can help fuel their business growth,” OPEN vice president Rosa Sabater said in a prepared statement.