Bravo, Time Warner Unite to Promote Arts


Bravo has teamed up with Time Warner Cable and Americans
for the Arts to offer "Bravo's Start Smart," a national public-service
campaign promoting arts education for children.

The idea behind emphasizing the positive effects of an arts
education on learning ability came out of the network's long-standing commitment to
arts advocacy, said Caroline Bock, vice president of marketing and public relations for
Bravo and The Independent Film Channel.

"This is about how the arts can make kids
smarter," Bock said. "It's something that can make a real difference in
schools and also be very helpful for operators."

Lynn Yaeger, senior vice president of corporate affairs for
Time Warner, agreed. She said Time Warner typically looks for one or two major projects a
year from networks to support its community-affairs agenda. The campaigns, Yaeger said,
have to be educational-based to fulfill the MSO's social-responsibility goals and to
meet the company's business objectives of providing programming that adds value to
subscribers' cable service.

"Start Smart," she said, "touches all of our
important audiences: schools, community leaders and customers."

Yaeger also praised the campaign's turnkey nature,
which she called one of the most important elements that Time Warner used to select
network promotions.

The campaign features: Fire, Risk and Rhythm; Stories of
Arts for Change
, a new, original documentary, hosted by Quincy Jones, profiling young
people whose lives were changed by getting involved with the arts; a series of 30-second
public-service announcements featuring personalities such as Hillary Rodham Clinton and
Whoopi Goldberg; Spanish-language spots featuring Bernie Williams, center fielder for the
New York Yankees; a resource booklet; a toll-free 800 number supporting a national
petition for arts in education; event sponsorships; and lesson plans for schools.

Time Warner systems will host local screenings of the
documentary, as well as running the PSAs and distributing the booklet and lesson plans.

Bravo has an exclusive relationship with Time Warner for
the campaign through June, and the network will then begin to work with other operators
around the country.