Breaking News : Bravo Gets It


Bravo has acquired Breaking News, a dramatic series about a television
news network that was originally created for Turner Network Television.

Bravo will debut the show -- which stars Tim Matheson and which was produced
by New Line Television and Trilogy Entertainment Group -- in July. The network
will kick it off by running two one-hour episodes back-to-back July 17.

'Smart, inquisitive audiences who are naturally drawn to the day's events
will also be drawn to this captivating drama,' Bravo senior vice president of
programming Frances Berwick said in a prepared statement. 'It's compelling,
dramatic television at its realistic best, and we're pleased that viewers will
see it first on Bravo.'

New Line created Breaking News for TNT, its sister company at AOL Time
Warner Inc. But when Jamie Kellner moved over to Turner Broadcasting System Inc.
as president, making Garth Ancier executive VP of programming, the decision was
made not to put Breaking News on the air.

Another original dramatic series -- this one about Wall Street hot shots --
that TNT did air for one season, Bull, was then canceled last year.

Ancier reportedly felt that both Breaking News and Bull were
flawed in that their protagonists -- the press and investment bankers,
respectively -- were figures that the general public wouldn't sympathize

And some claimed that Breaking News -- about fictional cable news
network 'I-24' -- was making people at Turner uneasy because of possible
comparisons to Cable News Network.

Actor Ken Olin is executive producer, and sometimes director, of Breaking
. In a prepared statement, he said, 'Viewers will be surprised at how
topical the story lines are -- almost prescient of today's news events.'

Also Monday, Bravo said it will air all 12 episodes -- seven of which have
never been seen -- of Dick Wolf series Deadline,which originally
aired on NBC.

In that series, Oliver Platt stars as a columnist who works for a New York

Deadline will air Wednesdays at 9 p.m., immediately after Breaking
,starting July 24.