Breakups Hurt On New Fuse Webcast

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Ever wanted to take a baseball bat to your ex-lover's car while listening to Motley Crüe's “Primal Scream”?

Fuse has the show for you. The music channel today (Dec. 10) will launch Breaking Down, its first online original series that allows participants to destroy anything that reminds them of a failed relationship while listening to their favorites songs, according to Beth Lewand, vice president of digital media for the 57 million-subscriber network.

Continuing its mandate to offer music-based content on both its linear and digital platforms, Lewand said Breaking Down will be the first of several online original series the network will launch on www.fuse.TV, although she would not reveal any specific projects. She also would not reveal current user numbers for the site.

Each three-minute episode of Breaking Down features regular people channeling the emotions of their favorite music videos as a “cathartic process” of enacting revenge fantasies against people who have done them wrong.

If the show gains traction in cyberspace it could find its way to the mothership channel in a longer form.