Bresnan Faces Wyoming Retrans Flap


Bresnan Communications’ Wyoming systems may lose access to eight local TV stations at year-end, AP reported.

The stations’ representatives asked the MSO for 12 cents per month, per channel, causing Bresnan to file a complaint with the Federal Communications Commission, asking for an investigation into the relationships of all of the owners of the eight Wyoming stations, according to AP.

“You'd have to multiply the 12 cents by 12 months and by at least five [stations] -- more than five in some areas,” Bresnan spokeswoman Maureen Huff told AP. “Each broadcaster would probably demand that same amount. It still doesn't change the fact that [WyoMedia Corp. general manager Mark Nalbone is] asking the subscriber to pay for the same programming he can see over the air for free.”

WyoMedia represents six of the stations.

Nalbone told AP he offered to provide one year of free programming from the stations he represents until an agreement is reached, but Bresnan declined, adding, “Why wouldn't you take a year for free and continue the process? They're taking the decision away from their subscribers.”

However, Huff told AP Nalbone offered the agreement in exchange for the operator not filing a complaint with the FCC.

Bresnan owns systems in Casper, Cheyenne, Lander, Riverton and Thermopolis.