Bresnan Launches OpenTV Ad-Management System


Bresnan Communications has deployed OpenTV EclipsePlus to manage advertising sales operations in Colorado, Montana, Wyoming, and Utah.

OpenTV EclipsePlus is designed to reduce manual workload and time spent running verification and billing reports on spot buys, by centrally managing schedules for multiple markets within a single database.

"We are pleased to have added EclipsePlus live in our operating centers and ready to streamline our ad sales teams' processes for improved efficiency across the board," Bresnan regional vice president of advertising services Kelly Enright said in a statement.

Bresnan is the 13th-largest U.S. cable operator, serving more than 300,000 customers. Other MSOs using OpenTV EclipsePlus include Comcast Spotlight and Time Warner Cable.

San Francisco-based OpenTV is owned by Kudelski Group, a Swiss company whose other major holding is conditional-access vendor Nagravision. Kudelski staged a successful takeover bid earlier this month by acquiring 60% of the shares of OpenTV it didn't already own.