Bresnan to Ride CSG’s Workforce Express


Customer-care and billing-solutions provider CSG Systems International announced Tuesday that Bresnan Communications will adopt its Workforce Express to improve customer care by its field technicians.

Bresnan, the nation’s 13th-largest cable operator, serves more than 300,000 subscribers in Colorado, Montana, Wyoming and Utah. The MSO chose Workforce Express after a successful trial, reporting that its technicians were able to complete more connects and service calls due to improved routing.

Workforce Express allows dispatchers and field technicians to access and more efficiently complete installation and service-oriented tasks and wirelessly send field updates back to the home office.

"Especially as cable operators continue to offer more advanced services that require specialized technicians to install and provide service, Workforce Express will continue to be a strong tool to keep customer satisfaction high and operating expenses low," CSG senior vice president of product management Dwayne Ruffin said in a prepared statement.

"We place a high priority on providing outstanding customer service in all of the ways that we interact with our customers, including through the technician who comes to the homes and businesses we serve," Bresnan senior VP of operations Terry St. Marie said in a prepared statement. "CSG Workforce Express is helping us to raise the bar on our customer-care efforts by helping us to get the right technician to the right job at the right time -- a capability our customers value."