Bridges, Gossett Join Sci Fi Series


Vancouver, B.C. — Trying to make sure there will still be juice in a franchise series heading into its ninth season, Sci Fi Channel is adding Beau Bridges and Oscar winner Lou Gossett Jr. to the cast of Stargate SG-1 next year.

Sci Fi was silent on show star (and executive producer) Richard Dean Anderson, who has been cutting back his presence on the show and will at least be cutting it back further when the ninth season hits Sci Fi’s airwaves in summer 2005.

Cast members Amanda Tapping, Christopher Judge and Michael Shanks will return, joined by Ben Browder, formerly of Farscape. Browder plays the newest member of the trio’s Air Force team that travels through space via the Stargate portal.

Bridges will play Gen. Hank Landry, who runs Stargate Command after Anderson’s character becomes head of Homeworld Security. He’s signed for 20 episodes and will also cross over to be in a few episodes of Stargate: Atlantis, the spinoff series on Sci Fi.

Gossett will play a recurring role on the show.

Sci Fi also said Mitch Pileggi, who played an assistant FBI director on X-Files, will join the Stargate Atlantis cast next season in a recurring role.

Production on both Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer Inc. shows is scheduled to begin in March. Robert C. Cooper and SG-1 co-creator Brad Wright will continue as executive producers on both shows.