Bravo’s 'Blow Out’ Charges With Amex

New York — Bravo unscripted drama series Blow Out won’t leave home without it.

OPEN: The Small Business Network from American Express Co., is a primary sponsor of the six-episode show that debuted on the network June 9. Blow Out offers a behind-the-scenes look at famed stylist Jonathan Antin as he expands his business from one salon in West Hollywood, Calif., to a second in Beverly Hills.

OPEN is launching an integrated marketing campaign that includes print, television and radio advertising featuring Antin. Additionally, the show’s story lines include Antin using OPEN Network products, tools and services to help manage his business.

Cox Launches HD Insertion

Atlanta — In what the MSO called an industry first, Cox Communications Inc. has begun inserting local advertisements into HD programming in its Rhode Island market, starting with ESPN HD fare.

Cox is using SeaChange International Inc.’s DigitalX software utility for the vendor’s SeaChange Spot System, as well as its DigitalXTM automated ad-transcoder software, to insert 720p (progressive) and 1080i (interlaced) ads into 720/1080i HD streams.

“Cox Media HD ad insertion will be deployed in other Cox markets as HD content and subscribers continue to expand,” Cox Media vice president of technical operations Guy McCormick said in a prepared statement.

Hallmark Ads Four For Local-Ad Inserts

Studio City, Calif. — Four cable systems serving nearly 300,000 subscribers have added Hallmark Channel to their local-ad-sales-insertion lineups, the network said.

The additions bring Hallmark’s total local-ad-sales cable subscribers to more than 18 million.

The systems are: Charter Communications Inc. in Parkersburg, W. Va., and Capre Girardaeu, Mo.; and Comcast Corp. in Knoxville and Chattanooga, Tenn.

'Seinfeld & Superman’ Swoop In to TBS

New York —TBS is getting special visits later this month from Superman and Jerry Seinfeld.

American Express Co.’s “The Adventures of Seinfeld and Superman” campaign — which has been running exclusively on American Express’ Web site ( is slated to bring its first Webisode, “A Uniform Used to Mean Something,” to TBS June 15-19.

The network will feature on-air billboards and bugs during Sex and the City encouraging viewers to “stay tuned to see Seinfeld and Superman in their latest adventure.”

TBS will also air a sneak preview of the second Webisode, “Hindsight Is 20/20,” during the week of June 20.