Bright House Taps BlackArrow For VOD Ads

MSO Starts To Roll Dynamic Ad Insertion In Indianapolis

BlackArrow said Bright House Networks has tapped its platform to initiate the deployment of dynamic ad insertion on VOD delivered to set-top boxes while also setting the stage to do the same on IP-delivered VOD to connected devices.

Bright House has begun to deploy VOD DAI in Indianapolis, and has not announced when it expects to expand the rollout to its other service areas, which also include Bakersfield, Calif.; Detroit, Mich.; Central Florida and the state’s panhandle region; and Elmore, Birmingham, and Eufaula, Ala.

“Bright House Networks is pleased to begin working with BlackArrow’s next generation advertising platform to help manage and simplify our advertising operations,” said Nomi Bergman, president of Bright House Networks, in a statement. “BlackArrow’s products will also enable us to expand our advanced advertising solutions to multiple screens and distribution platforms.”

The deal expands BlackArrow’s deployment base to almost 32 million homes, a number that factors in earlier announced rollouts with Comcast, Time Warner Cable and Rogers Communications.

The deployment also marks Bright House’s ongoing commitment to Canoe, the advanced ad joint venture backed by Comcast, TWC, Bright House and Cox Communications. According to Canoe, Cox, which has not yet announced a deal with BlackArrow, is on track to start its rollout later this year.

The expectation is that Bright House will work with BlackArrow to support DAI VOD on multiscreen video products, Chris Hock, BlackArrow’s SVP of marketing and partnerships, said. In June, Canoe, a long-time of BlackArrow’s, announced that it is also working on a way to extend DAI in IP-delivered VOD streams. BlackArrow, meanwhile, has tapped a handful of partners on a campaign manager/platform that is focused on live video streams delivered over IP. TWC is the first BlackArrow customer to go live with that product (called BlackArrow Linear), Hock said.

Hock said the rest of the nation’s top 10 cable operators are also gearing up VOD DAI. “This is not a question of will they do it, but a question of when and how fast they can get it rolled out,” he said, noting that BlackArrow expects to announce additional MSO partnerships later this year, and that the company is also looking to expand internationally and with other types of video service providers, including telcos.

Executing on those growth opportunities come in handy for the company, which, according to industry sources, has recently been working with advisors to explore potential “strategic options” (subscription required) for the advanced ad firm.