Brix Upgrades


Brix Networks Inc. debuted version 3.0 of its ( voice-over-Internet-protocol quality-testing portal Monday.

The service -- which is free-of-charge to registered users -- enables VoIP users to independently measure the quality of their broadband connections via a quick, self-initiated test call. It works with mobile, Wi-Fi, traditional or VoIP phones.

Visitors to can also compare the performance of various broadband providers to determine which ones are currently offering the best VoIP quality to their customers.

“While the broadband VoIP community begins to ramp up at a very fast pace, so do the concerns of both users and prospective users about the quality they are experiencing or can expect to receive," Brix market-development manager Laura Holly said in a prepared statement.

“Our unique ‘Golden Phone’ testing capabilities, combined with the new performance-comparison and troubleshooting-reporting features of 3.0, significantly enhance the usefulness of the data for visitors,” she added.