'Broadband Choice' Bound for Beantown


Louisville, Colo. -- AT&T Broadband will spend about $20 million this
fall on a marketing-focused, multiple-Internet-service-provider trial in the
Boston area, senior vice president of data services Susan Marshall said
Wednesday during a media briefing at the MSO's development lab here.

AT&T Broadband is currently conducting a technical trial of its
'Broadband Choice' product in nearby Boulder, Colo. That pilot, slated to end in
April, involves about 300 customers who are getting free access to four ISPs.
That trial has cost the MSO about $20 million to set in motion. A limited
marketing trial in Boulder is expected to follow later this year, Marshall

About twice as many customers are expected to participate in the
Massachusetts trial. Extending beyond the technical issues involved in
multiple-ISP traffic over cable lines, the pilot in Boston will also try out
customer marketing and billing methods for the nascent product.

Marshall said the test in Boston is being designed to test open access with
more scale and to help the MSO build a template for expanded rollouts.

If the fall pilot proves successful, Broadband Choice could be launched to a
number of AT&T Broadband's 'major' cable properties by mid-2002, Marshall