Broadband CPNI Comments Still AWOL

Wheeler called it software glitch on commenters’ end that FCC was working on

The FCC at press time Thursday (May 12) had not yet posted what one group said was a couple of thousand comments critical of the chairman's broadband privacy proposal.

The FCC is proposing to require broadband providers to get customers' approval (an "opt-in" regime) to share their information with third-party marketers, something not required of edge providers like Google and Yahoo!

At press time, only 28 comments were in the docket, one more than the day before, when the Protect Internet Freedom group, which is strongly opposed to both the new rules and the Open Internet order that prompted them, complained that online petitioner comments had not shown up and wondered why.

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FCC chairman Tom Wheeler was asked about the missing comments at a Senate hearing on the broadband CPNI (customer proprietary network information) privacy proposal Wednesday (May 12), and said it was a software glitch on the group's end that the FCC was working on resolving.

FCC spokespeople were not available for comment at press time on the status of the comments.