Broadband Cuts Into Narrowband


Nielsen/NetRatings said the total broadband audience at home and work rose 59
percent in 2002 to 33.6 million, while the narrowband audience dropped 10
percent, still totaling 74 million.

The report found that broadband users spent 17 hours and 20 minutes online in
December, compared with their narrowband counterparts, who spent fewer than 10
hours online.

Broadband users viewed 1,300 pages on average, more than double the
narrowband audience.

"2002 marked an entire year of decline for narrowband usage at home,"
Nielsen/NetRatings senior Internet analyst Greg Bloom said in a prepared

The two highest broadband-growth demographic categories were ages 55 through
64 and 50 through 54, posting growth of 78 percent and 75 percent,

Nielsen said the 50- through 64-year-old audience represents 6 million
people, even ahead of the 4 million 12-through-17 category.

As for the plus 50-crowd, Bloom said, "It looks like this surfing demographic
is finally catching the high-speed wave." But he added, "Cost is still an issue
for many Web users looking to upgrade to fatter pipes, especially the senior