Broadband Rings in at Supercomm


Telecommunications news is ringing out of the annual Supercomm confab with a
crop of broadband-related announcements Tuesday.

Minerva Networks Inc., a provider of digital-subscriber-line-based video
technology, has teamed up with Thomson Multimedia to offer Internet-protocol
on-demand video, television and entertainment services over Thomson's 'RCA DSL
1500 Gateway Decoder Platform.'

The coalition has its first customer in Ringgold Telephone Co., an
independent local-exchange carrier in Georgia that is planning to unveil 130
channels of TV and music, VOD, pay-per-view, Web access and caller ID functions
on the TV set.

Ikanos Communications is showing off its new chip set for Ethernet last-mile
access systems that can offer up to 100-megabit-per-second throughput.

With its higher processing capacity, Ikanos' new silicon design can support
symmetric throughput in 64-kilobit-per-second increments up to 100 mbps, thus
boosting the use of Ethernet links for business applications.

And Baby Bell SBC Communications Inc. signed a multiyear agreement with
Lucent Technologies to provide central-office equipment for a new suite of
business broadband-voice and data services.

SBC will use Lucent's 'IP Centrex' platform to offer the centrally managed
services, aimed at improving reliability and increased security. The gear
includes 'Lucent iMerge Centrex Feature Gateway,' which can translate IP packet
data for delivery to a standard Class 5 circuit switch, and the 'SpringTide 7000
IP Service Switch,' which provides virtual-routing and IP features for security
and address management.