Broadband Usage Tracked by Media Metrix


A new study by Media Metrix shows that broadband Internet users are
responsible for 49 percent of all Web-page views, even though they only
represent 32 percent of all Web users.

Media Metrix counts residential broadband homes, businesses and
college/university users in a 46 million-home universe, compared with 96 million
dial-up users.

During October, broadband accounted for 44 million Internet visitors versus
55 million for dial-up. Broadband users accounted for 85 million minutes online,
178 million page views and 131 page views per day. Dial-up users accounted for
108 million total minutes, 185 million page views and 108 average pages per

Media Metrix found that 39 percent of Microsoft Network users connect via
broadband, compared with 37 percent for Yahoo! Inc. and only 29 percent for
America Online Inc.

Yahoo! topped the total audience list at 103 million visitors, compared to 98
million for MSN and 88 million for AOL.