Broadbanders Surf More


New Nielsen//NetRatings statistics show that broadband Internet subscribers
spend 23 percent more time online, but surf through 55 percent more pages and
130 percent more page views.

NetRatings compared Internet usage of subscribers who had narrowband
connections in January 2000, but who migrated to broadband connections by July
2001. Page views for those broadband subscribers jumped from 2.4 billion to 5.5
billion, while pages per person jumped from 757 to 1,170. Meanwhile, time spent
online jumped only 23 percent, from 12 hours and 21 minutes to 15 hours and 14
minutes during that month.

The results may be good news for Internet-advertising proponents, since
broadband subscribers reach so many sites compared with narrowband users.

'Faster speeds improve the overall online experience, encouraging broadband
surfers to explore more sites and spend more time online,' NetRatings director
and principal analyst T.S. Kelly said in a prepared statement.

NetRatings estimates that 64 million people access the Internet at
56.6-kilobit-per-second speeds, while 18 million use higher speeds and 18
million use 33.6 kbps and below.