Broadcast-Only Homes See Big Rise: Study

Up 41% in last five years, Nielsen-commissioned study finds
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The number of broadcast-only TV homes has increased 41%, to 15.8 million, in the last five years, according to a Nielsen study commissioned by ION Media, a significant holder of full-power UHF broadcast spectrum.

ION Media says that’s a big positive for its business, as upcoming acquisitions aim to expand its national footprint to 63 stations, and in all 20 of the largest markets in the U.S.  

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The study also found that broadcast-only homes have a higher percentage of  young viewers (median age 34.5) than total TV homes (39.6), and that 39% of broadcast-only homes have children there, compared to 34% of total TV households.

The Nielsen-commissioned study also found that multicultural programming is becoming increasingly important in broadcast-only homes, which represent a higher composition of Hispanic, African-American and Asian households (42%), compared total TV households (30%).