Broadcom Adds DOCSIS 3.0 Capability


Broadcom Corp. will build a new cable set-top chip set that will feature Data Over Cable Service Interface Specification 3.0 channel-bonding capability.

The DOCSIS 3.0 specification being developing by Cable Television Laboratories Inc. would allow MSOs to "bond" several 6-megahertz channels together to provide greater capacity for high-speed-data services. Instead of the 3-megabit-per-second to 10-mbps service common today, operators could offer residential subscribers 100-mbps service, or more, if they desired.

Broadcom said its new “BCM3255” set-top chip set can support data rates of up to 120 mbps, "enabling next-generation media centers to support an all-IP [Internet protocol] network platform, such as Comcast’s real next generation (RNG) family of devices."

"Channel bonding is a key technology that will enable Comcast to continue our migration to an IP platform," Comcast Corp. chief technology officer Dave Fellows said in a prepared statement. "The integration of channel bonding in silicon, like the Broadcom solution, is a significant step toward combining the power of DOCSIS and IPTV."