Broadcom Chips Away at HDTV


Broadcom Corp. made two HDTV-related announcements at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas Friday.

The chip maker debuted its “BCM3560,” which it described as “a highly integrated, single-chip solution for televisions that enables consumer-electronics manufacturers to develop complete lines of affordable televisions that support analog, high-definition, standard-definition and digital-cable-television programming featuring superior video, audio and graphics quality.”

Broadcom said the BCM3560 is the television industry's first single-chip solution that is compatible with the National Television Systems Committee analog standard, the Advanced Television System Committee digital standard and the digital-cable-television standard.

The company also announced an advanced HDTV-decoder reference-design platform featuring H.264 video-compression technology, which is also known as MPEG-4 (Moving Picture Expert Group) Part 10/Advanced Video Coding.

Broadcom said the reference design will enable HDTV manufacturers to cost-effectively incorporate H.264 into their next-generation HDTV designs in order to significantly reduce the bandwidth required to deliver HD and digital-video content over service-operator networks.

It is targeted for use in cable, satellite and Internet-protocol set-tops, as well as media-center applications.