Broadcom Debuts Wi-Fi Videophone Chip Set

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Broadcom Corp. has come out with what it claims is the first Wi-Fi videophone chip set on the market.

In production now with reference designs available to Broadcom partners, the chip set is aimed at wireless handsets and desktop-video Internet-protocol phones.

It combines a slew of Broadcom chip elements to support voice-over-IP, mobile multimedia and wireless-local-area-network capabilities. It also includes support for high-resolution video using advanced codecs such as H.264 and H.2.3, with video rates as high as 30 frames per second.

An integrated display controller built into the chip set can be linked to a range of liquid-crystal-display screens, as well as standard television inputs.

One key element of the package is Broadcom's Wi-Fi “PhonexChange” software, which can help to flow video with fewer communications delays, as well as synchronize the audio voice with the picture. It can also support features such as image capture and display, video recording and playback and music-player capabilities.

"The age of video telephony is finally here. Our ability to integrate several of Broadcom's leading technologies will enable our customers to bring to market cost-effective, low-power videophones with world-class video quality," said Paul Shore, marketing director for Broadcom’s IP-voice products.