Broadcom, Global IP Voice Codecs Pass Muster


Voice codecs from Broadcom Corp. and Global IP Sound AB have been chosen by Cable Television Laboratories Inc. for future PacketCable 1.1- and 1.0-certified and qualified embedded multimedia-terminal adapters and public-switch-telephone-network media gateways.

The designations are pending successful conclusion of certain conditions, including demonstrations of multivendor interoperability, and they should kick in next April.

A mandatory voice-compression codec in PacketCable products provides cable operators with universal toll-quality voice compression for voice-over-Internet-protocol services, Broadcom said.

Broadcom said CableLabs chose its “BroadVoice 16” voice-compression codec for the royalty-free process.

"We believe the BroadVoice16 solution will be used extensively by cable operators as new cable VoIP service roll out," said Steve Craddock, senior vice president of new-media development at Comcast Corp. and chairman of CableLabs' PacketCable business team, in a prepared statement.